HYPERMESH Training – Coimbatore

Autodesk Inventor is a professional-grade 3D CAD software for mechanical engineers that offers all core CAD features, including parametric design, stress analysis, and sheet metal design. It is used to create parts, assemblies, and drawings for manufacturing and production. In addition to product design, it is also best suited for tooling creation and simulation to test a product in motion before building it. Inventor is widely preferred for creating accurate 3D models and visualisation.

The course covers all the functionalities of Autodesk Inventor and its best-in-class tools for manufacturing models and drawings. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to use Inventor for creating 3D models and technical drawings for mechanical engineering purposes. The training curriculum of the software will deal with:

  • In-depth understanding of the User Interface of Autodesk Inventor
  • Modification of Sketch using powerful tools
  • Managing and modifying assembly efficiently
  • Creation of Drawings using Assembly and Parts
  • Transferring the sketch into a 3D body
  • Combining sub-assemblies into one assembly
  • method of adding essential annotations such as hole info, text dimension, weld info, surface info, etc.

Hypermesh is a computer-aided design programme that simplifies the process of creating meshes for complicated models and making the meshed models needed for FEM analysis. The outcomes of FEM analysis support project designers in understanding how their products work under various loading conditions when they are in use. This course is the first step in learning about FEA meshing methods and how to clean up geometry once you send it to be analyzed. It talks about different ways to make meshes and how to fix errors in mesh quality.

Introduction to Computer Aided Engineering

  • Importance of CAE
  • Governing Topics of CAE
  • Key assumptions
  • Branches Of CAE

Pre processing

  • Introducction to hypermesh
  • Importance of pre processing
  • Basic GUI of Hypermesh
  • Grid Independence Study

      Geometry preparation in hypermesh

  • Creating points,Lines,surface and soild
  • Editing the surface and solids from external source
  • Preparing the geometry for the analysis
  • Checking the connectivity in the geometry
  • Extraction of midsurface


  • Introduction to Meshing
  • Importance of discretization
  • Element types
  • Basic theory of FEM
  • 2D meshing
  • Quality parameters
  • Quality clearing
  • Final edit Tools
  • 3D meshing


  • Basic Stage components
  • BIW components
  •  Automotive Plastic Components
  • Sheet metal Components
  • Basic theory of FEM