unigraphics NX Training in Coimbatore

unigraphics NX CAD CAM-Siemens

Course Description: This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Unigraphics NX CAD/CAM software, developed by Siemens. The course covers fundamental concepts and techniques used in mechanical engineering design and manufacturing using the software. Students will learn how to create 3D models, generate engineering drawings, perform simulations, and generate toolpaths for manufacturing processes.

Course Objectives:

  1. Introduce students to the Unigraphics NX CAD/CAM software interface and its key features.
  2. Develop students’ proficiency in creating 3D models using various modeling techniques.
  3. Enable students to generate accurate engineering drawings and annotations.
  4. Familiarize students with simulation tools for analyzing mechanical designs.
  5. Teach students how to generate toolpaths for CNC machining operations.
  6. Provide hands-on experience through practical exercises and projects.

Course Duration: 12 weeks (36 hours)

Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction to Unigraphics NX CAD/CAM

  • Overview of the software interface and key functionalities
  • Understanding the file management system
  • Customizing the user environment

Week 2: Sketching and Basic 2D Operations

  • Creating sketches and applying geometric constraints
  • Dimensioning and adding annotations
  • Modifying sketches and creating sketch-based features

Week 3: 3D Modeling – Part Design

  • Creating basic solid models using extrusions, revolutions, and sweeps
  • Applying advanced modeling techniques such as fillets, chamfers, and patterns
  • Understanding feature dependencies and parametric modeling

Week 4: Advanced 3D Modeling Techniques

  • Creating complex geometry using blends, lofts, and sweeps with guide curves
  • Working with multi-body designs and assemblies
  • Managing components and assembly constraints

Week 5: Engineering Drawings and Annotations

  • Creating detailed engineering drawings
  • Adding dimensions, tolerances, and annotations
  • Generating bill of materials (BOM) and parts lists

Week 6: Simulation and Analysis

  • Introduction to finite element analysis (FEA) in Unigraphics NX
  • Performing stress and deformation analysis on mechanical components
  • Interpreting and analyzing simulation results

Week 7: CAM Fundamentals

  • Introduction to computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
  • Understanding toolpaths and machining operations
  • Setting up cutting tools and machining parameters

Week 8: Toolpath Generation

  • Generating 2D and 3D toolpaths for milling operations
  • Simulating toolpath motion and verifying machining processes
  • Post-processing and generating machine code

Week 9: CNC Machining Simulation

  • Simulating CNC machining operations using integrated CAM simulation tools
  • Verifying and optimizing machining processes
  • Troubleshooting common machining issues

Week 10-12: Project Work

  • Applying the acquired knowledge and skills to complete a project
  • Designing a mechanical component, generating toolpaths, and manufacturing it using CNC machines
  • Presenting the project and documenting the design and manufacturing process