INVENTOR Training in Coimbatore

INVENTOR courses in coimbatore

Fort Ress Institute Training Centers has the courses for your to learn Autodesk Inventor!

Inventor is a computer-aided design (CAD) application software often used by engineers and designers for 3D mechanical product design and automation, modeling, visualizations, simulations, and documentation. Created by Autodesk, Inventor also offers shared view collaboration, linking to non-native data, and BIM interoperability. With Inventor you can do multi-CAD translation capabilities and .DWG drawings.

Fort Ress Institute Training Centers Inventor instructors can get you up to speed quickly on all that Inventor has to offer. Our training can also be used to help prep for Autodesk Inventor certification. Earning an Autodesk certification can add value to your professional status.

learn Autodesk Inventor Syllabus:

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering and Inventor Software:
Overview of mechanical engineering concepts and principles
Introduction to Autodesk Inventor software and its capabilities
2D Sketching and Constraints:
Creating and editing 2D sketches in Inventor
Applying constraints to sketches to control geometry
3D Part Modeling:
Creating basic 3D solid models using various features
Understanding and applying design intent
Working with parametric modeling techniques
Assembly Design and Constraints:
Creating assemblies by combining multiple parts
Applying assembly constraints to define relationships between parts
Managing and organizing assemblies
Advanced Part Modeling:
Advanced feature creation, such as sweeps, lofts, and patterns
Incorporating advanced design techniques and best practices
Design Analysis:
Introduction to finite element analysis (FEA) and its application in Inventor
Analyzing and evaluating designs for stress, displacement, and other factors
Sheet Metal Design:
Creating sheet metal components and enclosures
Applying sheet metal-specific tools and features
Working Drawings and Documentation:
Generating 2D engineering drawings from 3D models
Annotating and dimensioning drawings
Creating bill of materials (BOM) and parts lists
Visualization and Rendering:
Applying materials, textures, and lighting to enhance model visualization
Generating realistic renderings and presentations
Introduction to Dynamic Simulation:
Simulating motion and dynamics of assemblies using Inventor
Analyzing mechanical systems for kinematics and dynamics
Design Optimization and Iteration:
Applying optimization techniques to improve designs
Iterative design processes and methods for continuous improvement
Project Work:
Engaging in a design project to apply the learned concepts and tools
Developing a complete mechanical design using Inventor.