SOLIDWORKS Training in Coimbatore


Course Description: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS, a popular computer-aided design (CAD) software used extensively in the field of mechanical engineering. Students will learn to create 3D models of mechanical parts and assemblies, perform simulations and analysis, and generate detailed drawings. The course will include hands-on exercises and projects to reinforce the concepts learned.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the basic concepts and features of SOLIDWORKS.
  2. Develop skills in creating and modifying 3D models using SOLIDWORKS.
  3. Learn to assemble components and create complex assemblies.
  4. Perform simulations and analysis to evaluate mechanical designs.
  5. Generate detailed drawings and documentation for manufacturing.

Course Duration: 15 weeks (or as per institution’s schedule)

Suggested Course Outline:

Week 1:

  • Introduction to SOLIDWORKS interface and navigation.
  • Understanding the different file types and their purposes.
  • Basic sketching tools and techniques.

Week 2:

  • Advanced sketching tools and constraints.
  • Creating and modifying 2D sketches.
  • Introduction to parametric modeling.

Week 3:

  • Creating 3D models from 2D sketches.
  • Understanding and using features such as extrude, revolve, and sweep.
  • Applying fillets and chamfers to models.

Week 4:

  • Advanced modeling techniques: loft, shell, and rib features.
  • Working with configurations and design tables.
  • Design intent and best practices.

Week 5:

  • Introduction to assemblies.
  • Creating assembly files and inserting components.
  • Applying constraints and mates for assembly motion.

Week 6:

  • Advanced assembly techniques: sub-assemblies, exploded views, and mates.
  • Designing for motion: cams, gears, and belts.
  • Analyzing assembly interference and clearance.

Week 7:

  • Introduction to simulation and analysis in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Applying materials, loads, and constraints.
  • Interpreting and analyzing simulation results.

Week 8:

  • Creating and editing drawings.
  • Adding dimensions, annotations, and tolerances.
  • Generating bills of materials (BOMs) and parts lists.

Week 9:

  • Advanced drawing techniques: section views, detail views, and auxiliary views.
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) principles.
  • Creating drawing templates and customizing sheet formats.

Week 10:

  • Introduction to sheet metal design.
  • Creating sheet metal parts and flat patterns.
  • Applying bends, flanges, and corner treatments.

Week 11:

  • Working with weldments.
  • Creating structural frames and adding weld details.
  • Generating cut lists and weldment drawings.

Week 12:

  • Introduction to surface modeling.
  • Creating and editing complex surface geometry.
  • Surface analysis and curvature evaluation.

Week 13:

  • Introduction to sustainable design principles.
  • Optimizing designs for material usage and energy efficiency.
  • Designing for recyclability and environmental impact.

Week 14:

  • Introduction to add-ons and advanced features.
  • Exploring SOLIDWORKS Toolbox, SimulationXpress, and PhotoView 360.
  • Customizing SOLIDWORKS settings and user interface.

Week 15:

  • Final project: Design and simulate a mechanical system using SOLIDWORKS.
  • Presentation and evaluation of the project.